Review. Approve. Relax.
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Simplify Your Workflow

Approval Manager makes it simple to automate your team’s work by letting you create, save and apply workflow templates for commonly used online proofing processes. You can automatically move proofs through review stages based on rules or choose to manually route them.

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Sharpen Accuracy

Approval Manager captures every upload, action, comment and decision related to a proof. Users can see real-time feedback from other reviewers, eliminating redundancy among comments and allowing designers to quickly make changes.

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Validate Changes

With Approval Manager, managers and clients gain clear visibility into the approval process. All of the versions, comments and schedules are visible, letting managers and clients quickly review and identify roadblocks to success.

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Boost Productivity

Approval Manager’s real-time annotation tools and version control reduces the time between design, iteration and approval. Teams are able to quickly route proofs and track down stakeholders to get feedback or approval.

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Speed Up Your Process

Time is money. Approval Manager reduces the time wasted waiting, tracking down and managing comments, which results in fewer revisions and faster final decisions.

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Maximize Your Results

Most Approval Manager clients start seeing a return on investment from day one. The time they save by using Approval Manager has been reinvested, further fueling the company’s growth and productivity.

"Our marketing team knows the status of every proof, making it easier to keep jobs moving. Since all of our proofing is now digital, associates can review their proofs even when they're away from the office allowing for a more flexible process."

- Mark Bradeen, Manager of Promotions

"The workflow capabilities have enabled us to more efficiently manage the review of everything our internal Graphic Arts department produces from catalogs to product labels."

- John McGuire, Workflow Administrator